The Rotary Club of Kirksville MO is now taking subscriptions from Kirksville
citizens to fly a flag in their front yard for 6 "flag" holidays each year. 
Read on, if you are interested.    


Through the efforts of Kirksville Rotary volunteers, citizens of Kirksville can show their support for our country, neighborhoods, and loved ones during the flag holiday seasons. Displaying the flag is an outward expression of gratitude for our country and its citizens. All funds raised will be utilized to improve our community and world.  
Participate in creating a corridor of flags on your street.  Flags near the curb will provide an aesthetic experience when driving a car in your neighborhood. 
Flags will be set in front of your home, 8– 10 feet from street, a few days before each holiday and will be removed a few days after (or when dry.)  For as little as $6.25 per holiday a community member can greatly impact the appearance of his/her neighborhood.
Program Details
Pricing 1. Full year (6 days)  - $50.00 for 1st flag, $40.00 for additional flags
2. Two year coverage - $75.00 for 1st flag, $60.00 for additional flags
Holidays * Memorial Day           * Flag Day,
* Independence Day   * Labor Day,
* Patriot Day                 * Veterans Day 
Set Up - Metal holder or durable yard insert, customer chooses
- Rotary members install and remove, in front of home
- Rotary to mark location 8’-10’ feet from street
- Cleared with DIG-RITE & checked for visual obstructions
Donations Your purchase is a donation, 100% of which will be used to accomplish good works in the Kirksville community and around the world through various efforts and programs by Rotary volunteers.
SIGN UP - Review your choices below, complete this form online or complete the downloadable fillable fiorm and return to a Kirksville Noon Club Rotarian or mail to P.O. Box 532 Kirksville
- or you can sign up at Kirksville Rotary's Facebook page.
Would you like to subscribe to a flag?  If yes, you have several choices:  You may click here, complete this form, (this approach is recommended because it is the quickest) and we will follow up with actions and billing you.  Or you can download this document, attach a check, and either give it to a member of the Rotary Club of Kirksville (Noon Club) or send it to Rotary Fly-the-Flag Program, PO Box 532, Kirksville. Flag Subscription Download Form