Rotary Little Free Library 
Have you heard about a little library located in the College Park Subdivision in Kirksville? I connected with Jeff and Marilyn Romine recently to learn more about library and I am happy to share our interview with you.
1. What motivated you to consider and create the RLFL?
Books and literacy have always been very important to my wife and me.  We had been thinking and talking about it for many years and then finally time was available to work on the project. It happens that Marilyn’s mom passed away in February of 2019, she had played a very large role in developing a love of books in Marilyn.  So we thought we would memorialize her by building a little library.  This little library is a joint project between me and my wife.  I wanted to build it and she wanted to stock it and manage it.  It also happens that we are in two different Rotary Clubs. 
2.  How long had you been thinking about creating the Rotary Little Free Library before you took action?   
We had been thinking about this for over 5 years.  I had searched for appropriate plans that I liked and had a different vision than the plans I found on-line presented.  I wanted to have 3 levels in the library with the lower level for books for children.  I also wanted to savor the time spent building the library, so I had to wait until I had an extended period of time when I could spend 1-2 hour per day. 
3. Who did you think would be the greatest users of the library? Do you now know who uses the library? 
I expected that both children and adults would use the library, but I am especially glad when young people use the library.  We do not know the extent to which the library is used, because we do not monitor it.  However, we do notice that books are turned over pretty often. 
4. What kind of books are stocked in the library?
My wife and I wanted to have a library, but she is the one that stocks the library. She has great talent in this area.  Having once owned a successful bookstore, she likes having patrons find books and share their books.
5. What are any future plans or ideas for the library
At this time we are just enjoying the activity around the library.  It is very much like bird feeder for colorful and exotic birds.  It is quite enjoyable when we notice someone using the library. 
6. What do you want others to know that you have not shared yet about the RLFL?
My wife and I grew up in and near communities that are much smaller than Kirksville.  Accordingly we have noted and felt a sense of community around us.  However, we have been surprised by the increased enthusiasm and greater sense of community that seems to have surrounded the new little library.