Rotarians Give Back

We love when Rotarians come together to make a difference in our community!
This morning members helped get buddy packs out to local schools.
Pictured from left to right is: David Nichols, Randy Smith, Larry Whitney, Tom & Cathy Stinson, Jennifer Chrisman, and Uyilawa Okuaihesuyi.
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Service Above Self

On Sept. 20th fellow Rotarians got together to participate in a street clean up along Baltimore. Thanks so much Melissa Stuart, Craig Shorten, Debi Boughton, Ron Brand, Osariemen Okuaihesuyi, Uyilawa Okuaihesuyi, (not pictured) Scott Beard, and Anne Beard for volunteering!
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Rotarians Giving Back

On Sept. 21st we were all smiles partnering with the Mizzou Alumni Association and Thousand Hills Rotary Club to volunteer at the American Red Cross Blood Drive! Pictured is Treasurer Jonna Lovenduski, President Melissa Stuart, and Director of Community & Joint Service Ramey Weichelt. Not pictured is Director of Club Service Tasha McKim
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Ernie Hughes - Fulbright Scholarship to Uganda 

Fellow member Ernie Hughes said he was pleased to be a part of a Fulbright Scholarship Specialist Program on business administration (designed to be 2-6 weeks long) in Uganda this summer. Two Uganda universities were involved in the program: Makerere University, established in 1922, which became an independent national university in 1970 (35,000 students) and Makerere University Business School, founded in 1997 (20,000 students). The Coca-Cola Foundation and Spencer Foundation were also involved. Ernie said this is the first Fulbright trip by Truman in 25 years! This is Ernie’s sixth trip to Africa. He said China’s influence is everywhere in Uganda, which is basically a third world nation. While there Ernie visited the Rotary Club of Kampala Kibuli, a club with 22 members. The District Governor was also there. Music was a large part of the meeting. Ernie is pictured with President Melissa. 
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New Member Welcome - Tom and Cathy Stinson

We're so happy to welcome new Rotarians Cathy and Tom Stinson! The Stinsons jumped in feet-first by helping out at the Pancake Breakfast during the Red, White, and Blue Festival a couple of weeks ago. Tom is a solutions architect with Cyderes, a cybersecurity services provider. The Stinsons were sponsored by Jeff Romine. We're glad to have you in our club!
New Member Welcome - Tom and Cathy Stinson Melissa Stuart 2023-07-11 05:00:00Z 0

Pancake Breakfast - Red, White & Blue Festival

The Rotary Club of Kirksville and Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills helped with the pancake breakfast on July 1, 2023 as part of the Red, White & Blue Festival. Hundreds of hungry Kirksville residents and visitors were served hot cakes, sausages, coffee and juice at Lupita's restaurant on the downtown Kirksville square. Many thanks to Rotarian Erick Hanson for providing the griddles, and to Hy-Vee for preparing the beverages and sausages. Lupita's, you were a gracious host on a fun but rainy morning!
Pancake Breakfast - Red, White & Blue Festival Melissa Stuart 2023-07-05 05:00:00Z 0

Shoes for Orphan Souls

The Rotary Club of Kirksville presented a check for $2436 on April 26, 2023 to Larry Lunsford, Rotary District 6040 cheerleader for the Shoes for Orphan Souls campaign. Pictured from left are Rotarians Dale Schenewerk, Larry Lunsford, Shoes Committee Chairman Rashmi Prasad, and Jeff Romine.
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New Member Welcome - Jennifer Chrisman

Jennifer Chrisman (center) was inducted as a new Rotarian by President Marie Murphree (left) at her last meeting as president. Jennifer, marketing and sales manager at NEMR, Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company, is also pictured with her Rotary sponsor, Debi Boughton. Welcome, Jennifer!
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Backpacks for FosterAdopt Connect

The Rotary Club of Kirksville received a matching grant from District 6040 ($5,000 in total) to purchase supplies to create 110 Emergency Backpacks that FosterAdopt Connect will give to children who are removed from their homes and placed in foster homes. Each backpack contains underwear, socks, a toiletry kit, a fleece blanket, and a Rotary luggage tag. Sadly, children are often removed from their homes with only what they are wearing and what they can quickly put in a plastic bag. These backpacks will provide the children with something that is theirs to keep. The backpacks can be used many times including at school. One of Rotary’s goals is to help children locally and these quality backpacks and the contents will help children in NE Missouri. Rotarians purchased the backpacks and supplies with grant money and assembled them as a Club activity. Pictured from left to right: Angie Sullivan, Rotarian; Tanya Bane, FosterAdopt Connect; Marie Murphree, President, Rotary Club of Kirksville; Randy Smith, Grants Manager, Rotary Club of Kirksville; MaryLue Bell, Prevention Services Manager, FosterAdopt Connect; Dawn McVay, FosterAdopt Connect; and Sophie Nely, FosterAdopt Connect.

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Rotary Literacy Program

One of Rotary's seven areas of focus is Basic Education and Literacy. Members of the Rotary Club of Kirksville contribute to the Literacy effort by reading to local school children to instill a love of books and learning. John Dungan (left) and Debi Boughton (center) are pictured reading at Faith Lutheran Church. Kevin Butner (right) read at Mary Immaculate School.
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New Member Welcome - Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills, manager of communications at Tri-County Electric, was inducted today by Ralph Cupelli (right), who was filling in for President Marie. Stephanie is also pictured with her Rotary sponsor, Danny Pagliai. She plans to attend one meeting each month at Schuyler County and Scotland County clubs, as well as two meetings with our club. Be sure to give Stephanie a warm welcome next time you see her.
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New Member Welcome - Ansh Atriwal

Club President Marie Murphree inducted new member Ansh Atriwal. Ansh is new to town, coming all the way from California! He is the new Hospitality manager of La Plata's Depot Inn. We are so excited to have him in our club. Even better - he was inducted on his 26th birthday. Be sure to give Ansh a warm welcome and stop by the Depot Inn if you're in La Plata to say hello and check out his work! 
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Ray Klinginsmith Graduating High School Student Scholarship

The Ray Klinginsmith Graduating High School Student Scholarship will be awarded to two seniors in Adair County who have participated in leadership and service activities in their school and community, and who embody the Rotary motto "Service Above Self." The scholarship is named in honor of Kirksville Rotarian Ray Klinginsmith, who served as the President of Rotary International in 2010-2011. Applications for the $750 scholarship are due April 10, 2023.
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